Sunday, 26 July 2009


You'll notice that the last post on the blog was dated July 17th.
A significant date. The Army uprising against the Spanish government began on July 17th, 1936, when rebel forces seized command of military bases in North Africa. Go to La Cucaracha here to find out more.

And today, July 26th, is also a significant date. As well as being Mick Jagger's birthday (66 today), it is also the date of Castro's guerilleros attack on the Moncada barracks, in Cuba, in 1953.

Though the attack failed the attempt birthed the movement which finally overthrew Batista. The name of the movement: The July 26th Movement (Movimiento de Julio 26 or M-26-7 or M-J-26). The date is celebrated every year in Cuba.

Wonderful coincidence don't you think, M-J-26 and Mick Jagger? Speaking of whom ... one of the reasons for Che Guevara's popularity among young people in the late 60s and early 70s is that during the free concert the Stones staged in Hyde Park (you remember - the one when Mick wore one of Marianne's frocks) Mick recited a poem (Adonäis) by Shelley in tribute to the recently deceased Brian Jones. However, because of Mick's strong London intonation, the name Shelley sounded very like .. yes, you guessed ... Che.

My daughter was born on the same day as Che's 'official' birthday - June 15th.

And on July 26th, 1936, only nine days after the uprising began, Hitler made the decision to actively support the rebellion. Three days later the Condor Legion was born.

You'll find a few significant dates among the pages of After Goya - February, 23rd; 11-M, May 1st and November 19th, 1936. And, you'll find a good many allusions to significant dates: 26437; N-27, Room 507 etc. All artfully placed to heighten your reading experience.

Happy birthday Mick -- hope you found some satisfaction en route to 66.

Today is also my son's 18th birthday -- a very happy birthday Harls!

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